What do you get with a Defenders of the Nifty Subscription?

1. The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping keep Sluggy alive.

2. Optional Ad-Free Browsing. Currently we aren't running any ads but there may be ads around the corner.

3. Exclusive content:

Nifty Fact #364

Buying a DefNif subscription is currently the best way to support Sluggy, as 100% of your donation goes directly to Sluggy. There are no middlemen, no product costs, no fees, nothing.
  • The Compendium
        A collection of articles with behind the scenes info on all kinds of things (okay, mostly public strips. But we have Sluggy Recipes!)
  • The Scrapbook
        Want to see more art by Pete? The scrapbook contains pre-Sluggy artwork, extra Sluggy images, and some strips, wallpapers, convention photos, etc.
  • Comic Books: The Quatrology, Sampire and More!
        The Ramble Quatrology is a series of four Sluggy Comics (we're talking 12 pages long, each) drawn up by Pete. Currently he's finished with part 2, and should hopefully be moving on to part 3 soon. Plus there's the bonus 12 page comic "Tales of Terror: It Was a Bright and Sunny Day".
      Pete has also been expanding the Comic Books selection with a new special "The Sampire" starring everyone's favorite vampire: Sam.
  • The Defenders Blog
        The blog is where Pete communicates with the Defenders, whether it be gathering feedback on an issue from the Defenders, just talking public the state of things at Sluggy, or announcing new Defenders content.
  • Exclusive Merchandise
        The Defenders have access to buying special Defenders exclusive merchandise like the popular Old School Sluggite Shirt and the prestigious Defenders Enamel Pin from the Sluggy Store. We also offer other defenders discounts and specials when we can (like the discount on the sold out Megatome 01 Hardcover Edition). We also hold Defenders Only art auctions two to four times a year, which means that you can on average grab Sluggy Artwork for less than HALF what it'd normally go for.

Cost: $30 USD per year, with renewals at $25 per year (prices subject to change, but not terribly inclined to do so)

This comes out to just a little over a Dollar a Fortnight to keep Sluggy going.

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