Comic for Monday 04/17/17

Comic for 04/17/17

Hey all! I really needed this filler art to be quick and easy to keep on top of the strips and avoid burnout. But the hopes for a happy enjoyable spring is sincere! The warmer weather is making me smile.

Comic for Tuesday 04/18/17

Comic for 04/18/17

 Face of SteveRef: Dr. Steve's face. Dr. Steve's Voice.

Comic for Wednesday 04/19/17

Comic for 04/19/17

Comic for Thursday 04/20/17

Comic for 04/20/17

Ref: Previous mention of Chen's incoming 'bold move'.

Comic for Friday 04/21/17

Comic for 04/21/17

Ref : Cappy Bo | La'Mort assignment |La'Mort.