B-DayB-DayMy birthday’s TODAY (August 4th)! If you wanted to get me something, the best gift you can give is by becoming a Defender or renewing your Defender membership! Since before Kickstarter and Patreon existed, you guys were  keeping this comic a-running and there’s nothing I’d rather do! Except maybe nap. And you guys can’t buy me a nap. So instead become a defender! And THANKS! Happy b-day to me!

Intervention6 is just TWO WEEKS AWAY! August 14-16, at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville! I’ve got two panels Saturday morning (at 10 and 11!) and one on Sunday! My eldest daughter Leah will be with me selling doodles and doing commissions and raking in the dough like she did last intervention! I hope you guys can come by and us!


We STILL seem to have a RANDOM ARCHIVE GLITCH where clicking on the next comic will take you to the next comic page, but oddly display a comic from a totally different date. Hitting Refresh sometimes helps. We're working on it!

Comic for Monday 05/26/14

Comic for 05/26/14

Taking the holiday off! Comic charges forward tomorrow!

Comic for Tuesday 05/27/14

Comic for 05/27/14

Comic for Wednesday 05/28/14

Comic for 05/28/14

Comic for Thursday 05/29/14

Comic for 05/29/14

Ref: Repeat from yesterday, where the blood is coming from. Also, SCROLL!

Comic for Friday 05/30/14

Comic for 05/30/14

Ref: Auto-Retract Grapple Gun.

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