I'll be at Intervention7 this September!

We STILL seem to have a RANDOM ARCHIVE GLITCH where clicking on the next comic will take you to the next comic page, but oddly display a comic from a totally different date. Hitting Refresh sometimes helps.

Comic for Monday 02/06/12

Comic for 02/06/12

Comic for Tuesday 02/07/12

Comic for 02/07/12

Ref: "Panic Button".

Comic for Wednesday 02/08/12

Comic for 02/08/12

Ref: Ninja Yak apperances: (1) | (2) | (3).

Comic for Thursday 02/09/12

Comic for 02/09/12

Congratulations to Sluggite Derrick for winning a horrible death in today’s comic last LibertyCon! Face chewed off by an effectively zombified Canadian Ninja Yak. To the 80’s pop ‘Footloose’ soundtrack. You’re welcome.

Comic for Friday 02/10/12

Comic for 02/10/12

Comic for Saturday 02/11/12

Comic for 02/11/12

Comic for Sunday 02/12/12

Comic for 02/12/12

Mass Effect 3 Coming Soon! :)

Chapter 63: Safehouse - The NOM