CSS expert needed! To get Sluggy.com ready for Sluggy 20+, we'll be doing a much-needed site overhaul. The new web team does amazingly well with most of the tough coding stuff (databases, server configuration, security), but the one thing we don't have right now is a CSS guru. We need to make sure the site is nice and pretty and works on all the devices. So if you're really, really good at that and you think you can help Sluggy, please email a resume/portfolio to rabbit+css@sluggy.com

Comic for Monday 10/22/07

Comic for 10/22/07

Warning: there is no assurance of quality for the next 7 days. You have been warned.

Stick-Figures in Spaaaaaace

Stick-Figures in Spaaaaaace 2 

Comic for Tuesday 10/23/07

Comic for 10/23/07

Comic for Wednesday 10/24/07

Comic for 10/24/07

Comic for Thursday 10/25/07

Comic for 10/25/07

Comic for Friday 10/26/07

Comic for 10/26/07

Comic for Saturday 10/27/07

Comic for 10/27/07

Comic for Sunday 10/28/07

Comic for 10/28/07