I'll be at Intervention7 this September!
I should have Sluggy Freelance Book 16 in hand (I hope!)

We STILL seem to have a RANDOM ARCHIVE GLITCH where clicking on the next comic will take you to the next comic page, but oddly display a comic from a totally different date. Hitting Refresh sometimes helps.

Comic for Monday 05/09/05

Comic for 05/09/05

Comic for Tuesday 05/10/05

Comic for 05/10/05Comic for 05/10/05Comic for 05/10/05Comic for 05/10/05Comic for 05/10/05Comic for 05/10/05

Comic for Wednesday 05/11/05

Comic for 05/11/05

Comic for Thursday 05/12/05

Comic for 05/12/05

Comic for Friday 05/13/05

Comic for 05/13/05

I would just like to deeply apologize for the horrible pun I was forced to use at the end of this strip. It was so horrible I actually came up with a "cleaned up" version. But in the end, painful as it was, it cracked me up too much. Plus Joe Sunday, Gloria and Thyla all made me do it! Blame them!

Comic for Saturday 05/14/05

Comic for 05/14/05

Saturdays brought to you by Clay Yount of Rob and Elliot!

Comic for Sunday 05/15/05

Comic for 05/15/05

Chapter 46: Living Conditions - Something Puny This Way Comes