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CONTRA-26 November 7th -9th Kansas City-ish!

Comic for Monday 10/20/14

Comic for 10/20/14

I remember many of my friends sporting Flying Spaghetti Monster bumper-stickers or crocheting Flying Spaghetti Monster hats or what have you. So I thought the Flying Spaghetti Monster would make a perfect Movie-Thor parody. But when I checked with my wife and Leah, they had absolutely no idea what the Flying Spaghetti Monster is. Man, I remember when we had some cultural touchstones around here, many many moons ago. Anywho, follow the links for details. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a anti-creationist symbol with humorous origins and has started it's own "religion." The More You Know...

Comic for Tuesday 10/21/14

Comic for 10/21/14

Comic for Wednesday 10/22/14

Comic for 10/22/14

You guys remember Science Guy and Captain Hippity, right?

Comic for Thursday 10/23/14

Comic for 10/23/14

Comic for Friday 10/24/14

Comic for 10/24/14

Comic for Saturday 10/25/14

Comic for 10/25/14

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