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Comic for Monday 04/13/15

Comic for 04/13/15

Ref: Grab-all(tm) First | Last (First-ISH|Last-ISH on both fronts) Drake and Tyler First | Last. And Squishydodo's Black Ops Elves are back!

Comic for Tuesday 04/14/15

Comic for 04/14/15

Guy in panel 2 and 3? Totally NOT Sam. I was drawing this random guy and he started looking like Sam and the more I tried to make him NOT like Sam the more Sam-like he became! Thanks self-sabotage! If not for deadlines I'd redraw.

Comic for Wednesday 04/15/15

Comic for 04/15/15

Comic for Thursday 04/16/15

Comic for 04/16/15

Comic for Friday 04/17/15

Comic for 04/17/15

We haven’t seen the Black-Ops Elves in so long there was some wondering about their relationship to Santa at this point. The last time we heard word from them it was telling Santa that they’ve gone freelance (Last panel/'official report').  A line that hit the “cutting room floor” from the current set of comics confirm that Santa is one of their biggest clients, paying for information like everyone else.

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Chapter 67: Full House - Close to the Vest