Comic for 02/17/17

Welcome to February Filler Fridays, 3 of 4! Gyah! GYAH! GYAH, I say! This is terrible! It's the mouth mostly. Oh well. It was fun and relaxing for me, but I'm just not going to be good at this without a lot more practice. Weird when I cover over the eyes, the nose and mouth don't look too bad. If I cover over the mouth the eyes and nose are great! Put all three together? Yikes. I honestly don't know what the "finish" is going to end up being, but good bad or ugly, the February Filler Fridays is doing it's job!

UPDATE: Ha! Those rascally Ret-Con Ninjas have covered up her offending facial features. Defenders can see the horror in the blog if they so choose. But it is scary!