We are in a July-long Comic-Outage Danger-Zone! At any point in time during July there may be filler art, no comic, or sudden M/W/F mode! See the news story titled  'July is Crazypantz!' in the news section below for details!

(* Comics will only appear Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

UPDATE-UPDATE: The week of 7/24 is unknown! I'm going to do my best but we'll only know on a day by day basis. I'll try to put head's-ups here!

Comic for 07/21/17

July is Crazypantz

July is CrazypantzJuly is crazypantz! It's nutburgerz! There is SO much to do and SO much not the time! Basically I kept August as clear as possible knowing I'd be working my tail off to wrap up things by or around the 25th. But a lot fell into July. And I mean a LOT! Business travel, family events, personal requirements and even a wee-bit of a vacation all stuffed in there, plus more super-secret stuff! So I'm just going to state this for the entire month of July: We are in a Month-Long Perpetual Comic-Outage Danger-Zone! At any point in time during July there may be filler art, no comic, or sudden M/W/F mode (that's comics only on Monday Wednesday and Friday)! It's been so hard keeping on top of the schedule with normal life, I just can't see making it through July without missing some days. Just know, as usual, I will be doing my absolute best! And for those of you who think I should just take a week off, I worry that it will put me to far off of the mark of where I want to be come August 25th. Which at this point might be the hospital or an insane asylum. ONWARD AND SIDEWAYS!

A Little June RetCon!

RETCON the ORBIT of 6/5/17! OK last minute rewrites screwed me up a little. I wanted Sasha’s claim to indicate the satellite manufacturing factory would be higher up than your general satellite, in as few words as possible. The logic part of my brain failed. So I’m retconning the line about orbit just to make sure I don't screw it up worse-like!



Marchin Onward!

SidebarSo here’s some general information about impending things:

BOOKS: As you guys know, I’m many MANY years behind in books. In the days leading up to Sluggy 20+ I was hoping to get two more books out. But I have yet to layout one.  Last year I remember how peaceful January and February was. I was targeting those months for Book-Time! But it was not to be. January and February 2016 stuck out to me because things ramped up in March 2016 and Haven’t Stopped Since. So I’m way behind there! I still have delusional hope of making it. Being delusional is fun! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

CHAPTER 70 FALLING: The current chapter is very important to me, and has been draining me in many ways, but I am currently extremely happy with how it’s coming out. Because of its multi-layered intensity there may be more delays and emergency fillers than usual, even with the daily nature of my webcomic coming to a close in 6 months. It’s just a general head’s up. And it’s also to pre-diminish some of my guilt. I am very conscious of the ‘countdown’.

SLUGGY 20+: The other thing that’s slowing me down is super-secret actions I’m taking behind the scenes. I’m still hesitant to give any details until they’re locked down. Just know I’m still planning on continuing after the 20th anniversary, it will just stop being a daily webcomic. What it WILL be is… evolving. Anywho I get the feeling there will be lots of “no information” suddenly followed by “too much information out of the blue”. I can at least tell you I am happy and excited about things at the moment! When I feel I CAN give you more information, I will!

Let’s keep Marchin’ Onward and Sideways!

It's 2017!

Howdy everybody! I wanted to take a moment to say Happy 2017! I know, it’s a little late in January for that, but truth is I spent this month moving in slow motion, like through molasses.  Maybe it’s me getting old and slowing down. Maybe it’s because the current chapter (Chapter 70: Falling) is an organizational scripting nightmare because of too many working pieces. Maybe both. It’s totally both. But at this distance it seems like everything should wrap up nicely by August. And I’m looking forward to getting the store back open Monday!  Let’s talk about August and the Store in more depth:

August  (Sluggy 20+): As most of you know by now my intention is to wrap up this part of the Sluggy Freelance saga by or around the 20th anniversary. I started throwing around the word “Retire”. I also established that the story would have to continue in some fashion, but not as a daily webcomic. And I wasn’t sure exactly what would come next. I’ve kept my ears and eyes open, and I’m looking at options. Plans for “Sluggy 20+” have begun, but I don’t want to give more details until things are solidified. Along those lines I may have to take off a few days in February. I’ll do my best to avoid that, I always do! But yeah, there may be delays mid-February. In this case it’s a good thing!

The Sluggy Store Reopening: Thanks again to everyone for a very successful (and a ton of work) holiday season for the Sluggy Store! I had mentioned discontinuing the Kiki Poing shirt and the Sluggy Dreamfighters shirts. I think I may add another design to the ‘Discontinued’ pile. In another turn of events, to help a sluggite with the usual outrageous international shipping rates, I got more of the Indy Planet books in stock (Meaning Sluggy books 7, 8, and 10-16). I normally would have waited until closer to August to restock, as I normally only offer signed IndyPlanet books around December and August. But now I have a bunch so I’m going to break protocol. BUT because of my workload I’m going to limit it to a One Week Sale!

So from January 30th to February 5th you will get a shot at limited supplies of signed Sluggy Freelance Books 7, 8, and 10-16, and a last crack of a couple of shirts that are going to be retired forever as of February 5th!

Onward and Sideways!


THANK YOU!!!Sluggy Freelance turned 19 on August 25th! Normally I’d have a story in the news below about what to expect in the coming year, but we’ve been talking about that a lot lately. Normally I’d try to have a new book in the store, or a shirt! But life events made it impossible to get projects done by deadline.  Normally I’d do more everything, but the muscle spasm that took my arm out for a week meant I was barely on top of the next day’s comic. The only thing I did do was promote Defenders memberships, and you guys did the rest. More of you donated, renewed and joined the Defenders program in the last few weeks than the rest of 2016. Thank you so much! This anniversary you did it for me. I’m going to proudly take it easy and rest up.  And then on to Book 16 and more!

What will SLUGGY 20+ be?

Oasis and Katie 2016Hey everybody! I've been advised by friends and family alike to stop using the term 'retirement'.

I think they're just jealous! But they do have a point. As I've said before, the term is misleading and inaccurate. Because one year is not enough time for me to wrap all the storylines in Sluggy Freelance, there will be more story coming, just not in the daily webcomic format.

But what would this "Sluggy 20+" format be?

I still love the characters, the writing, the drawing. I still love you guys. And thanks to all the recent Defenders of the Nifty support I've received, I'm highly considering continuing the comic online, but not on a schedule. I could put up comics at a less strenuous more "elbow-roomy" pace. From a quality point of view, "Sluggy 20+" maybe the best thing to happen to Sluggy Freelance!

A new "Sluggy 20+" membership program might even be in order, but if that happens, and if it starts before your Defenders membership ends, you'll be grandfathered in so don't fear renewing! Besides, no matter what I'm doing (or how slowly I do it) you Defenders will be able to read my blog and keep up-to-date with me!

It's a year off, but that's the current plan! Thanks to all of you for your support these last 19 years-or-so!


Here's a handy link of available books

Megatome 1 (books 1-3)
Born of Nifty

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Megatome 2 (books 4-6)
Little Evils

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Book 7
A Very Big Bang

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Book 8
Fire and Rain

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Book 9
Dangerous Days

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The Sluggy Store!

Book 10
Ghosts in the Gastank

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Book 11
The Holiday Wars
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Book 12
Vampires & Demons

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Book 13
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Book 15
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Book 16 Cover
Book 16
Phoenix Rising
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Years of Yarncraft
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