[+] What the heck is this

Hey, everybody! We're running a special auction to raise money for the big swing to Sluggy 20+, and for future Sluggy-related projects.

For the 20th anniversary (August 25), we will roll out a completely redesigned website that'll rock all known socks. You'll see it soon, and it's shiny! The new web team has done a massive amount of work on it. It would be nice to pay them for it! I would also like to have them stick around and fix any web things that break, and help me build out the Pawnz collection and all the other Sluggy ideas I've never had the time or tech knowledge to do.

So I'm putting up some special stuff that I have never sold or offered before, and maybe never will again. You can own (or be) a little piece of Sluggy history. (You'll also make it a whole lot more likely that we can do this for another 20 years.)

[+] How it works

All items are offered for auction simultaneously, and all auctions will end at midnight Eastern time, September 7, 2017.

You will need to be logged in to the Sluggy.net forums to bid.

If you want to bid on an item, click "BID" and enter your amount. Bids will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.

If your forums account was created more than three months ago, you will be sent an email with a confirmation link on your first bid. Your bid is not official until you click that link.

Your bid is a commitment to pay that much if you win the auction. You will not be billed until/unless you win.

Winning more than one auction (even for the same kind of item) is possible, so bid carefully. The same bidder may WIN IT NOW on multiple auctions.

On most auctions, there is a WIN IT NOW price. If you click WIN IT NOW, you will be billed for that amount and the auction will close to other bids.

You may bid the same price as (or even lower than) another bidder. When an auction closes with no WIN IT NOW, the highest bidder will be billed for the amount of their winning bid.

If the highest bidder's payment cannot be processed within 24 hours, the next highest bidder wins the auction, and so on. In the case of two bids of the same amount, the first one submitted will be considered higher.

Shipping of physical items is included in the bid price. See each auction item for details about refunds and replacements, as well as the expected delivery timetable.

More questions? Post to this thread in the forums.

[+] 20 Pieces of Original Sluggy Art, one for each year of Sluggy!
[+] Cameo in a future Sluggy
[+] Custom Pawnz and Pawnz Week cameo
Comic for 08/21/17

Here’s some inside baseball! Originally the comic for Friday was supposed to be one row (finishing with the Torg and Oasis kiss). But when laying it out in book format and seeing the one row over the other it just demanded to be a two row comic. Instead of the Torg/Oasis smooch going on all weekend it was a quick shift to probably a future to Torg spinal-pain as Oasis leaps off Torg’s chest.

The downside is it makes today’s now one-row comic weaker. But ‘the art demands’ sometimes!


HEAD’S-UP UPDATE: In-house specialty auctions begin here at site update Monday (Sunday into Monday, Midnight Eastern Time) with some first-come first-serve buy-it-now options! Including Sluggy Death Cameos and 20 years of art!

We tried to make it ready for Friday (today) but the system needed more work than we thought. Waiting until Monday to DO IT RIGHT!

Getting a better handle on the forums

As part of the 20+ site prep, we've been doing some way overdue improvements and maintenance to the forums. Today, the dev team put in some new anti-spambot measures, added strikethrough and spoiler code to posts, and created a support thread for bug reporting. Most importantly, we removed the "when were you born" question from the forums sign-up process. Anybody who was not able to log in (because you could not prove you were at least 13) should now be able to re-send their confirmation email and activate their account at Sluggy.net. This will be the only username and login you need for the new website, and the forums will stay essentially the same as they are.

And the link to the support thread is http://www.sluggy.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=95899

I RETIRE NO MORE! Sluggy Freelance Continues!

Sluggy Freelance Continues!

When I announced things were going to change about a year and a half ago, I honestly didn’t know what the future held. That’s why I used terms like ‘retiring’. I knew I couldn’t keep up with the schedule anymore. But if I didn’t, then I really didn’t see a way to keep making a living at it.

Well now I have a plan, it’s a good one. As I said in that Pledge-to-pledge video, Sluggy Freelance WILL CONTINUE! Just not in a way you’re used to.

It’s extra important to tell you this now. Because I’d suggested months ago I was trying to keep to a schedule where I’d reach a certain “closing” point in the story. Of course I can’t time anything right, you guys know this by now. So August 25th isn’t going to be a ‘good place for the story to end’ it’s going to be a frikkin’ Cliff Hanger of unimaginable proportions. But I wanted to let you all know, it’s OK! We don’t need a good place to end, because (with a little help from you guys) Sluggy is not ending.

More on that later (not TOO much later)! For now, keep your eyes on the headlines and news of this site every day. Things are a’happenin’.

Sluggy Freelance Remastered

A lot of you are wondering "What is Sluggy 20+ going to look like?" Well for one thing we're going to have a completely remastered archive! And it took some DOIN' to make this happen! Everything that we could make bigger and higher quality, we did for the new 20+ archive! Here's some samples below! These have been taken from the old archive and the new one that we have under wraps!

Archive Comparison

Sluggy Freelance has never looked better!  Reference links to the old archive comics: (1) (2) (3) (4)! You can't see the new archive yet. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks over the next two weeks!

Oh and let me add with personal pleasure, you know that 'Archive Glitch' that's plagued us for a decade? The new system? NO GLITCHES! AT LAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

Here's a handy link of available books

Megatome 1 (books 1-3)
Born of Nifty

available at
The Sluggy Store!

Megatome 2 (books 4-6)
Little Evils

available at
The Sluggy Store!

Book 7
A Very Big Bang

available at

Book 8
Fire and Rain

available at

Book 9
Dangerous Days

available at
The Sluggy Store!

Book 10
Ghosts in the Gastank

available at

Book 11
The Holiday Wars
available at

Book 12
Vampires & Demons

available at

Book 13
available at

Book 14
available at

Book 15
available at

Book 16 Cover
Book 16
Phoenix Rising
available at

Years of Yarncraft
Comic Book

available at