Torg Says 18 Years!
AUGUST 25TH 2015 MARKS 18 YEARS OF COMICS! MY COMIC IS ALL GROWN UP NOW! (it needs to get a job!)
Zoe Opens Store
The Store features:  THE NEW Black Bun-bun “Time to Die 2015” shirt, AND MORE!

STORE UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who ordered up some books and shirts and stuff! The store reopening is a huge success! I knew I would screw something up!  When ordering a Book 14 there was a space there for a "Defenders Username" which may have made some think book 14 is a Defenders Only item. Book 14 is NOT a Defenders Only item. The Old School Sluggite Shirt is.

Chapter 67: Full House - Cards on the Table

Monday Updates

I decided to file all the M/W/F Monday Updates here!


8/17/15 Monday Check-In: I'm back from Intervention6 and had a BLAST! I'm on vacation this week! But there will still be comics Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Next week we're back to the weekdays schedule! PLUS Sluggy's 18th anniversary!

8/10/15 Monday Check-In: Posted Wednesday the 12th, running late like everything else!
It feels like I'm running everyday and getting little done. There's a lot of life happening around me. Some good, some bad, all very time consuming. I had really hoped to have the bonus story for the next book done, but it's just not happening. I'm happy with how the store prep is moving, but I still wanted more. I'll see what I can get done with what's left of this week. But this weekend is Intervention, and the week after I'm on summer vacation (no worries, you'll have uninterrupted comic service thanks to M/W/F mode!). And the week after that were' back to Monday-through-Friday and Sluggy Freelance's 18th Anniversary!


8/3/15 Monday Check-in: New Bun-bun Shirt! New Bun-bun Shirt! ***COMING SOON!***


Time To Die: Endgame

The Time to Die Nerd-boy Shirt was the first Sluggy T-shirt ever (hand ironed by shirt-guy Tom back in the day!) and has had a few iterations over the years. And now, after a long wait, the Bun-bun Time to Die shirt returns as Time to Die: Endgame! Instead of having a bright white Bun-bun on a black shirt I decided to go for the subtle approach with deep blues and dark teals to add to the foreboding doom… of said nerd-boy! ;)

This shirt will be available in the Sluggy Store when it reopens near the end of August. But you can get it first at Intervention6!

Speaking of Intervention6, Intervention6 is less than TWO WEEKS AWAY! August 14-16, at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville! I’ve got two panels Saturday morning (at 10 and 11!) and one on Sunday! My eldest daughter Leah will be with me selling doodles and doing commissions and raking in the dough like she did last intervention! I hope you guys can come by and us!



7/27/15 Monday Check-In: Slowdown?
Hit a bit of a slow-down this week. I had managed to start M/W/F mode with a bit of a lead allowing me to charge in with the bonus story. But the lead lessened and I found myself having to do a LOT of archive trolling and leg-work for last week's strips! Simultaneously I'm trying to get the store in shape and complete the bonus story for book 15 and maybe another surprise or two.

So whereas I haven't moved the ball far in any one area, I'm moving on all fronts at once! And there are exiting things in every category. ;)
Hope to have something to show next Monday!


7/20/15 Monday Check-In: Cœur d'Alène
I'm up to page 8 on the bonus story, and have a while to go. I don't want to spoil too much about what goes on in the bonus story but I can tell you it feels oh-so-Oceans-Unmoving its nostalgic! It even includes a torturous Dr. Viennason video! And the title? "Cœur d'Alène"
And work on the store is underway too! w00t!


7/13/15 Monday Check-In: A SHIP!
This one has to be short and sweet (it was a very busy week and weekend), and last week I promised I’d show you something from the bonus story. Behold, the Triomphe, a heavily armed and very rare Teknokon Dreadnaught:



7/6/15: Monday Check in- Oceans Unmoving 3?
When I mentioned that the bonus story of Book 15 was more of an opening (or prequel) for Oceans Unmoving 3 it created some buzz. I figure I’d chat about that.

It’s tricky to chat about though, because I don’t want to create any incidental spoilers.  Oceans Unmoving plays a role in the future of Sluggy Freelance. And/or the past.  And/or the present.  And these connections will have to be addressed. The question was, would this be in the form of Oceans Unmoving 3? Or would the connections be addressed from a completely different angle?

That’s why I thought for the longest time there wouldn’t be an Oceans Unmoving 3, based on its unpopularity at the time, and because, for me, Oceans Unmoving 2 ended well.  Now I’m leaning towards an Oceans Unmoving 3. One way or another, with or without it, the connections will be addressed. And that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

Oh and the first 5 pages of the bonus story are DONE*!  (* done meaning I just have to do some dialogue editing and spell checking, I’ll save that for the end). I’m thinking this one’s going to run 20 pages! Eep! Maybe I should edit it down a tad...

Next Monday I’ll show you something!


6/29/15: Hey everybody! Here’s a Monday Check-in!

At some point I should do a long detailed Defenders Post about how the bonus story for Book 15 TIMELESS has been a thorn in my side since the start of the year. That stereotype of the struggling writer with the wastebasket full of crumpled up paper? That was me for the LONGEST time.  But thanks to M/W/F mode and stars aligning I finally cracked it!

The bonus story I have for Book 15 is everything it should be and everything it NEEDS to be. And it seems less of a book bonus story and more of an opening for Oceans Unmoving 3! (Except instead of eating up 6 months of daily comic space it’s just a story at the back of the book. And you’re gonna love it!).

Now size is an issue. I haven’t sussed out whether or not this is the largest bonus story I have ever done.  But in this case I have two things speeding me up!  Since this bonus story is in Timeless Space it CAN’T be full color. Timeless space has its own color laws. Secondly Leah is ‘interning’ for me over the summer and she is processing the bonus story pages like nobody’s business.

Thanks for understanding me going 3 days a week, it’s ALREADY paying off!

It's June! Happy Summer Vacation Time!

The comic is going to be doing "Summer Hours" soon! That means comics 3 days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, just like last year! This will start some time this month (probably the 15th or the 22nd) and end before the August 25th anniversary strip!

You guys tend to be understanding about this but in case your asking "But why, Pete? WHYYYYY," I'll tell you!
By going to 3 days a week I can get ahead for summer vacation weeks without resorting to lame filler or stressing me out to produce said lame filler (its amazing how much work lame filler can be sometimes). AND I might be able to get Book 15 done in time for August 25th. AND I might be able to get those shipping issues fixed with the store (currently the API overcharges shipping, sometimes by a lot. I manually refund shipping overcharges when they're more than a couple of bucks but I'd rather not have to). AND there are 100 other things I'd like to accomplish for the strip besides the strip itself. Who knows what I'll actually be able to accomplish, but I know this. When I'm at 'three days a week' I always feel like I've got elbow room. Less stress + elbow room = Just what I need to craft what needs crafting! YAY SUMMER!

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