BOOK 16 UPDATE 10/23: Good News! This week there'll be no filler comics or art, and no M/W/F! This week is all single row comics in classic Sluggy style! Next week Monday (Halloween) will feature spooky art of some kind. Next week Tuesday, if Book 16 is NOT off to the printers I may have to go back to drastic measures.  But we're good for a week, and I think/hope I'll make deadline!

Comic for 10/21/16


Hi everybody! Head’s up: For the next two weeks or so strips might be smaller, filler art may be employed, and next week might be M/W/F mode! Why? Because I need to get book 16 done and now!
UPDATE 10/23: Good News! This week there'll be no filler comics or art, and no M/W/F!
This week is all single row comics in classic Sluggy style! Next week Monday (Halloween) will feature spooky art of some kind. Next week Tuesday, if Book 16 is NOT off to the printers I may have to go back to drastic measures.  But we're good for a week, and I think/hope I'll make deadline!

Book 16 was in limbo for two reasons mainly. One was how to divide up the next 4-5 books (there are some big stories in there). The other was composing the extra content. Not just the bonus story, but the cover and even the initial “where we last left our heroes.” It’s been tricky, and slow! Everything was taking longer and longer and being put off longer and longer.

BUT I HAVE A COVER (sneak peek for Defenders, check the blog)!  I KNOW WHERE BOOK 16 ENDS! I HAVE A BONUS STORY CONCEPT!

And now, if I can get the whole think to the printers in the next couple of weeks I’ll have books in hand early December and we all have the book in hand by Christmas!

So it’s super-triple-crunch-time at Fort Abrams!

What’s also good is I have a plan for future books that will help me catch up quickly! Mainly it’s to stop trying to control the size of the books (making them between 128 and 164 Pages, and let them be bigger. Book 16 centers around Oasis and the Phoenix Rising story. Book 17 will be Aylee’s book to shine! Both books are going to be near or about 200 pages! I could see some future issues going full Megatome size.

It’s a lot to get done but I’ll do my best!


THANK YOU!!!Sluggy Freelance turned 19 on August 25th! Normally I’d have a story in the news below about what to expect in the coming year, but we’ve been talking about that a lot lately. Normally I’d try to have a new book in the store, or a shirt! But life events made it impossible to get projects done by deadline.  Normally I’d do more everything, but the muscle spasm that took my arm out for a week meant I was barely on top of the next day’s comic. The only thing I did do was promote Defenders memberships, and you guys did the rest. More of you donated, renewed and joined the Defenders program in the last few weeks than the rest of 2016. Thank you so much! This anniversary you did it for me. I’m going to proudly take it easy and rest up.  And then on to Book 16 and more!

What will SLUGGY 20+ be?

Oasis and Katie 2016Hey everybody! I've been advised by friends and family alike to stop using the term 'retirement'.

I think they're just jealous! But they do have a point. As I've said before, the term is misleading and inaccurate. Because one year is not enough time for me to wrap all the storylines in Sluggy Freelance, there will be more story coming, just not in the daily webcomic format.

But what would this "Sluggy 20+" format be?

I still love the characters, the writing, the drawing. I still love you guys. And thanks to all the recent Defenders of the Nifty support I've received, I'm highly considering continuing the comic online, but not on a schedule. I could put up comics at a less strenuous more "elbow-roomy" pace. From a quality point of view, "Sluggy 20+" maybe the best thing to happen to Sluggy Freelance!

A new "Sluggy 20+" membership program might even be in order, but if that happens, and if it starts before your Defenders membership ends, you'll be grandfathered in so don't fear renewing! Besides, no matter what I'm doing (or how slowly I do it) you Defenders will be able to read my blog and keep up-to-date with me!

It's a year off, but that's the current plan! Thanks to all of you for your support these last 19 years-or-so!


Guess Who's Having a Birthday!

As of August 4th: It's my birthday! Let's Celebrate!
Happy b-day Pete!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME GIMMIE PESENTS! I've already gotten a bunch of defenders to sign up and renew since updating the "sign-up" page, but I want as many Defenders as possible as we roll through the last year with Sluggy as a daily webcomic! So you could consider this the start of a Defenders Drive, but actually it's just my birthday and I want a present! If you've already renewed and you'd like to donate as well, use the link below!

Torg's B-Day!Hey, It's Torg's birthday too! Did you know that? Probably not because I just decided it! Torg wants you to become a Defender too! Reward Torg for all of his hard work, being a hero and dating way out of his league! Don't make him cry! His eyes are so damn big his tears may drown us all! Become a Defender!

Hey, It's Kiki's birthday too... , Oh, wait, no it's not.. I'll stop now. become a defender. Kiki b-day?

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